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Ansul Fire Suppression SystemThe Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System is designed to provide fire protection for restaurant cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. It is a pre-engineered group of mechanical and electrical components for installation by an authorized Ansul distributor. The basic system consists of an ANSUL AUTOMAN regulated release assembly which includes a regulated release mechanism and a liquid agent storage tank housed within a single enclosure. Nozzles, detectors, cartridges, liquid agent, fusible links, pulley tees, and pulley elbows are supplied in separate packages in the quantities needed for each fire suppression system arrangement.

The system provides automatic actuation; or it can be actuated manually through a remote manual pull station. The system is also capable of shutting down appliances at system actuation.

Additional equipment includes: remote manual pull station, mechanical and electrical gas valves, pressure switches, and electrical switches for automatic equipment and gas line shut-off. Accessories can be added, such as alarms, warning lights, etc., to installations where required.

The R-102 system suppresses fire by spraying the plenum area, the filters, cooking surfaces, and the exhaust duct system with a predetermined flow rate of ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Fire Suppressant. When the liquid agent is discharged onto a cooking appliance fire, it cools the grease surface, and reacts with the hot grease (saponification) forming a layer of soap-like foam on the surface of the fat. This layer acts as insulation between the hot grease and the atmosphere, thus helping to prevent the escape of combustible vapors.

Exhaust fans in the ventilating system should be left on. The forced draft of these fans assists the movement of the liquid agent through the ventilating system, thus aiding in the fire suppression process. These fans also provide a cooling effect in the plenum and duct after the fire suppression system has been discharged. The system is UL listed with or without fan operation.

It is also recommended that make up or supply air fans, integral to the exhaust hood(s) being protected, should be shut down upon system actuation.

Along with the fire suppression system, the total system design must include hand portable fire extinguisher(s) located within the cooking/restaurant area that can be used to manually suppress a fire that may be burning in an unprotected area.


The R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System has been tested and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as a pre-engineered system. The system is in compliance with UL Test Standard 300.  It is also approved by Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS 1223.

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