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Service & Support

Telegan Protection have a nationwide service and maintenance engineering team providing trained, multi-disciplined engineers who give our customers a quality and cost effective service.

We understand the need to keep your business running and that is why our emergency service is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. Safety is paramount and whenever you need us, we are committed to providing the highest level of service at every hour.

Servicing fire suppression systems
The maintenance information listed in this section deals with the limitations and parameters of this pre-engineered system. Those individuals responsible for the maintenance of the system must be trained and hold a current certificate in system training program. Maintenance is required semi-annually. Prior to performing the required maintenance steps, verify that the system protection is designed and installed correctly for the existing appliance and ventilation system configuration. If not, corrections need to be made as necessary.

Servicing Emergency Lights
Regular servicing is essential. To test an emergency lighting system, a mains power failure on the lighting circuit must be simulated. This will force the emergency lighting system to operate via the battery supply. A switch is provided to isolate all lighting circuits. This is called simulated mains failure. After simulating the mains failure, it is necessary for the tester to walk through the whole building to check all emergency luminaires are operating correctly. After restoring the mains supply, the whole building is walked again to check that the emergency lights are recharging.
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Servicing Fire Alarm Panels
Ignoring the necessary maintenance and repairs of your alarm systems puts your company, employees and customers at risk. Regardless of who installed your systems, take advantage of the 24 hours availability of Telegan Protection to ensure your system will be operating optimally when you need it.
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Servicing of Extinguishers
All extinguishers must be serviced annually.
CO2 extinguishers need a basic service annually. After 10 years, it needs to be hydrostatically tested, refilled and re-sealed.(It is cost effective to replace this every 10 years).
All other extinguishers with a pressure gauge (stored pressure) need a basic service annually. 
After 5 years, these require extended service – discharge testing, stripping the nut and inspecting internal body casing, refilling and recharging with nitrogen. (It is cost effective to replace this every 5 years).

BS5306 requires:
 - Weekly checks by a responsible person.
 - Monthly visual inspections to be carried out by a responsible person.
 - Annual service by a competent person.
 - 5 yearly intervals, extended service and overhauls by a competent person.
 - Replacement no later than aged 20 years.
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