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Emergency Lights


An emergency light is a battery backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage.

Emergency lighting is essential for the safety of building occupants. It is vital that emergency lighting comes on when the mains lighting fails. Loss of mains lighting could be the result of fire or power cut. This may lead to sudden darkness and the occupants can be in physical danger or in a panic.  The emergency lighting needs to be sufficiently brightly illuminated for a sufficient length of time to allow the occupants of a building to escape safely (1 to 3 hours depending on the size of premises and the nature of the business).

The emergency lights have to be so positioned that the building occupants can be evacuated safely in an emergency. Particular attention should be paid to individual exits, stairways, toilets, plant/ electric room, fire and first aid points and any area like a corridor with a directional change.

Use of photoluminescent signage on exit routes is a considerable advantage.

Emergency escape lighting provides illumination for occupants terminating a process and attempting to leave the location in a safe manner.

Open area lighting ensures that there is sufficient illumination to minimise panic and to allow occupants to reach an area where escape route can be identified.

LED emergency Lights – Energy-saving and maintenance-free products will provide a cost-effective solution, allowing the client to minimise operating costs.

Escape Route Lighting ensures that the means of escape is effectively identified so that it can safely used by the occupants of the building.

Mode of Operation of Emergency Lights

This is determined at the consultation and design stage depending on the type and use of premises.

Maintained mode is generally used in cinemas, halls, theatres where people get together. The emergency light lamps are on all the time - this prevents total darkness.

Non Maintained Mode is generally used in a place where normal lights are used all the time. The emergency light lamps will only come on when the mains lights fail.